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Sunnyside attorney Alex Newhouse always will be remembered as an advocate for his clients and regarded as a stand-up guy, area attorneys say.

Alex Stephen Newhouse passed away unexpectedly on Sunday, July 25 in Sunnyside. Newhouse, aged 41 was from Granger.

Newhouse was an attorney in Sunnyside and was an advocate for his clients. He was also regarded as a stand-up guy. The circumstances surrounding his death has not been made public yet.

Newhouse’s law partner David Therrien-Power said, “He was my best friend and probably a mentor to me….I mean we had the same amount of experience, but every lawyer is different. There’s nobody out there like Alex. He’s just a good soul.”

Newhouse’s death has sparked up several reactions and condolence messages from friends, loved ones and fans. He will surely be missed by the local legal community.

Newhouse was a good father and husband. He was well respected by other attorneys, even those he faced in court, an excellent advocate and will be very, very sorely missed in our profession. He cared about people and he cared about the legal system.

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