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The 81-year-old Muriel Bagge has passed away today after undergoing a second surgery related to Liver cancer.

She was on “Courage the cowardly Dog” cartoon show.

The mentor to many, Muriel Bagge has passed away. She will be dearly missed by both friends and family as she has impacted a lot of souls. She was a big contribution to both his community and country and filling the hole she left behind in our hearts will be hard to fix. Muriel Bagge will be greatly missed.

Reactions To Muriel Bagge Death

It is in the spirit of this mourning that we extend our condolences to the family of Muriel Bagge and everyone affected by the passing.

The trend about Muriel Bagge death is ongoing on all social media platforms as it is with a heavy heart we have to announce the passing on of a great human being. Muriel Bagge, we miss you and we wish you were here with us. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercies of God rest in peace. Amen.

HTV wrote: “A moment of silence for losing one of the greats!Sad to hear of the passing of Thea White, who voiced the sweet Muriel Bagge on one of our favorite childhood shows ‘Courage The Cowardly Dog’May her soul rest in peace!”

Ahtisham Ullhaq wrote: “I loved her voice”

Oluchi Esther Egbuchulem wrote: “Rip”

Muriel Bagge Obituary

The family’s security should be seen at this troublesome time. This distribution is a piece of vital data in particular and doesn’t fill in as an eulogy declaration for Ward . The eulogy would be authoritatively delivered by the family. Subtleties of the perished entombments, burial service, and other related functions would legitimately be distributed by the group of the expired in their picked online stage.


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