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Has Jamb released the statement concerning the registration date and exam date.

It also made a statement stating that the use of NIN will be made compulsory for this year registration exercise.

Jamb which once made NIN compulsory for the Jamb 2020 registration.

But cancelled the statement because of complaint from candidates concerning inability to get the NIN.

The board has now made it compulsory for this year Jamb registration exercise.

The question is, what’s NIN?

For those who don’t know, you can continue reading.


NIN is an acronym for National Identification Number, it is a 11-digit number assigned by the Federal Government through the NIMC.

It is used to identify every citizens of Nigeria.

During registration you will asked to fill a form which contains personal data like Name, Date of Birth, State of Origin and local government area of origin, etc.

And you will asked to bring a supporting document of identificatione.g birth certificate etc.


Has I said earlier it is used to identify every citizens of Nigeria, it is also used link almost every documents owned by a Nigerian like

  1. Bank documents
  2. Driver licences
  3. Sim registration
  4. Jamb registration (which is the latest) etc.

With NIN linked to those documents, they can be used to track every citizens, it is primarily used for security purposes.

It is also used for different agencies for their own purpose. i.e Jamb will make use of it for tracking candidates and their different activities to curb examination corruption of any sort.


You can get your NIN from any NIMC centres in your area, it can also be gotten from any accredited Telecommunication Company e.g MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile etc, centres.

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