The announcement of Bill and Melinda Gates divorce has sparked lots of reactions, some where surprised others shocked while others are asking whether their foundation will still go on.

The announcement also sparks reactions among some Nigerian celebrities.

The Billionaire couple finally ended their 27-year-old marriage, stating that “we no longer believe we can grow together as a couple in this next phase of our lives.”

Among Nigerian celebrities that reacted to the unexpected divorce were Uti Nwachukwu, Frank Edwards, Fisayo Soyombo and a host of others.

Popular reality TV star and host, Uti Nwachukwu, tweeted, “What’s the point of getting divorced in ur 60s/70s… I just don’t get it!! At that age, what could possibly be the problem that cannot be resolved?

“This marriage thing no be scam so? How many are truly happily married. Anyway Jesus sef no even marry so what am I even saying.”

Investigative Journalist, Fisayo Soyombo, tweeted, “Bill and Melinda Gates parting after 27 years and their divorce announcement is more harmless than what some ongoing lovers exchange. So civil. Love can go rancid but no breakup should be caustic.”

Twitter Influencer, Aproko doctor, tweeted, “Not to sound insensitive, but I hope this divorce doesn’t affect the foundation. A lot of African nations and their healthcare are benefiting from the benevolence of that foundation.”

However, there are some others who believe that Nigerians should not be concerned with the divorce as there are weightier issues in the country.

Nigerian Gospel singer, Frank Edwards, tweeted, “Kidnappings are going on in Nigeria! People are being killed. And Nigerians are busy talking about Bill Gates’ divorce ?!!! What is my business ? Was I even born when they started the marriage?!! Pls let’s focus inward!”

@DrOlufunmilayo tweeted, “Bill Gates is NOT your business as a Nigerian. His marriage/divorce is NOT priority to you. He’s the richest man in the world (or was). He will be fine. Pls kindly lend your voice for the #Greenfielduniversity students. Let’s not wait to see them killed. They need us. Speak up!”

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