Roni Daniel Death

One of Israel’s top commentator, Israeli News 12 military journalist, Roni Daniel sadly passed away at age 73 July 26. The journalist reportedly died of a heart attack.

Daniel was widely known as one of Israel’s best Journalist and commentator for decades.

”Daniel had once said in an interview, in 2021, when he was asked if Death scares him, “Death does not scare me. Nothing scares me. I only take care of my family.”

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett paid his tribute to Roni Daniel, the Channel 12 News military and security analyst: “Roni Daniel, who combined journalism with patriotism and Zionism, passed away today.
Roni was not just a military analyst.
He was the voice of a long era, of the good land of Israel, of love of the country and safeguarding its security, of the kibbutz and the city together.
He was critical when necessary and had a good word at the right time.
He will be missed by all of us, on the screen and in our hearts.
My condolences and a big embrace to the family.
May his memory be blessed.”

Reports say Roni died in his home due to sudden cardiac arrest. He was an Icon, Isreali news television figure and veteran military commentator loved by all.

Roni’s death has sparked up different reactions and grieviance expressions on social media platforms. Friends and family are visibly devastated over Roni’s death. Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.

”Almost a decade ago I got into the IAF Commander’s exclusive “fini flight” celebration. The head of the IAF Spokesperson’s Office at the time told to me he didnt mind me being around the event, with one caveat – “Make sure you dont get in Roni’s way” I made sure not to.Having been in the field with him on many occasions, it was very hard to get a picture of him without a cigarette. It was also pretty amazing to see a 70 yo running around giving everyone orders just like the Battalion CO he once was. Rest in Peace Roni…..Yissachar Ruas Photography expressed his grief on social media.

The funeral arrangements will be made known by the family of the deceased, either publicly or not. Their grieving period should be observed at this time.

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