Steven Weinberg Obituary

Steven Weinberg, one of the prominent leaders in physics passed away July 23, at age 88.

From the 20th century, Steve had stand as a great theoretical Physcist of the century and he remained a leading voice.

He had impacted many lives as he won a Nobel prize for his theoretical contributions to the Standard Model of particle physics. The cause of his death is yet unknown. Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.

His discoveries deepened understanding of the basic forces at play in the universe, and he took general readers back to its dawn in his book “The First Three Minutes.

Who Is Steven Weinberg?

  • Steven Weinberg was an American theoretical physicist and Nobel laureate in physics for his contributions with Abdus Salam and Sheldon Glashow to the unification of the weak force and electromagnetic interaction between elementary particles.
  • Born: 3 May 1933, New York, New York, United States
  • Died: 23 July 2021, Austin, Texas, United States
  • Spouse: Louise Weinberg (m. 1954)
  • Children: Elizabeth Weinberg
  • Education: Princeton University (1957), Cornell University (1954), MORE

Reactions On Steve Weinberg‘s Death

”This is a tribute to Steven Weinberg (1933-2021), one of the greatest physicists of our generation and winner of the 2020 Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics. He passed away July 23, 2021….” Breakthrough posted on Facebook.

”Steven Weinberg, the Nobel laureate for physics, died today. He was a genius, as I’m sure his obituaries will proclaim. But he was also a delightful companion who loved theater, could recite the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins by heart, and wrote profoundly about the mysteries of creation. Despite his stupendous accomplishments and formidable intellect, he had a self-deprecating humor that opened the door to lifelong friendships. He loved life and left it reluctantly. He’ll be missed by all who knew him….”Lawrence Wright posted on Facebook.

Steve Weinberg Obituary 

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