Uday Shakour Obituary

Uday Shakour, also known as Audia by his friends has unexpectedly and tragically passed away over the weekend. Uday was from Mountain View, California who studied Communication, Culture & Technology at Georgetown University and International Affairs at George Washington University.

Uday served as SA President at GW after he went to Los Altos High School. He lived in Los Angeles, California.

The passing of Uday has sparked up reactions and condolence messages on social media platforms. Friends and loved ones mourn his passing. Our thoughts are with his family and everyone who loved him at this time.

The cause of his death is yet unknown.

A life lost too soon. Uday Shakour we will miss you. Our GW President Reunion will never be the same. Let’s all keep Uday’s loved ones in our prayers and his beautiful smile in our hearts
One of the best things about my job is that sometimes students graduate and become friends. This was true of Uday Shakour. He served as SA President at GW and I was honored to serve as his advisor that year. He went on to graduate and we stayed in touch and I visited him every time I was in CA.
One of the worst things about this job is that sometimes these amazing young people are gone too soon. Uday, I will miss you and I am so sorry you are gone. I heard about your passing today and it was like a punch in the gut. I remember our one on ones each week and how we grew with each other that year. Thank you for being in my life and for being a student who became a lifelong friend. Be at peace my friend
.” Tim Miller expressed his grief on Facebook.

”I’m writing through tears, having just learned of my good friend Uday Shakour’s death. No words ever seem sufficient in a time of loss; I don’t know what to say but I want his family to know how much he meant to me.
Uday and I met in 2010 when I replied to a post to become his roommate in Rosslyn, VA (just across the Key Bridge from Washington, DC). I arranged for a small U-Haul truck and hauled what few possessions I had from my former rental in Alexandria.
Pulling up to officially move in, I lodged the rear metal step of my U-Haul between the fender and the tire of our neighbor’s Nissan Xterra. The owner of the Xterra’s roommates watched in astonishment at my stupidity. After maybe an hour of discussion with her AAA service and the police, we decided my best move was to just pull forward and tear the bumper off her car.
I couldn’t afford to pay for any repairs. I was broke at the time and intensely angry at myself for the mistake.
But Uday put on “I Feel Good” by James Brown, helped me move my stuff, and then took the time to talk all evening until I felt better.
Over the next several months living together, we got to know each other and came to feel that we were meant to be friends. We had similar interests in football, and similar builds. His favorite athlete was Steve Young, a white Mormon like me. My favorite athlete was Muhammad Ali, a black Muslim like Uday.
We both loved to argue, and he challenged me in ways I hadn’t been challenged before. He was curious and bright, interested in big ideas and making a difference in the world. He made a big difference in my life, and knowing him forever changed me for the better.
Rest in peace, Uday Shakour. You were the closest thing I’ve had to a brother, and I’ll miss you the rest of my life.”… Michael Layton, a loved one, expressed his sympathy.

Today we lay to rest my good friend Uday Shakour. I’m shocked, in disbelief but most of all deeply saddened.
There’s a lot I can say about my friend Audai. From how we couldn’t stand each other in college to hanging out at some of the most unsavory places in DC, the Bay Area and LA but we won’t go there today.
What I will say is Audai was a good guy with a big heart. He cared about everyone’s well being. In undergrad, we couldn’t stand each other (stuff we laughed about as grown men).
When I went through a very dark moment my senior year at GW, it was Audai who dropped everything to make sure my well-being was intact. Meanwhile, everyone else was running for the hills.
His big heart didn’t let him look the other way. He took me to Potbelly Sandwich Shop on 19th and L St. He listened, offered advise and was a mentor. There was no reason for it— he had graduated GW, was a graduate student as Georgetown Univ. and he and I weren’t even acquaintances.
But, he did, and I am forever grateful for his love, compassion, concern and friendship.
I saw Audai in May. He was in from LA visiting his parents. We wanted to see each other before heading back and he wanted to tell me about his campaign for Sherman Oaks Nieghborhood Council. He ended up winning in June. I was so happy for him!
*Prayers will be made for Audai at Oakland Mosque on Tuesday, July 26, at 1:00 pm. At 2:30 pm his body will be taken to 5 Pillars Islamic Cemetary in Livermore.
Prayers and condolences to his mom, dad and beautiful sister Sarah Shakour.
Lamar Thorpe, a loved one grieved.

The family’s grieving time must be observed and respected at this time. There has been no information as regards Uday’s funeral arrangements yet. The family deceased will release as they deem fit.

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