Wisekid Fraudulently Copying Wizkid's Songs and Albums.

Wisekid Fraudulently Copying Wizkid’s Songs and Albums. 

According to Wizkid News reportedly throws a bombshell on a guy make 30Million Naira Monthly by using Wizkid’s latest Made In Lagos songs on his Apple Music profile!


Info gathered from Wizkid News;


Firstly, In the past 4 weeks Wisekid got 1200 sales & 9M Streams off MIL illegal streams on Apple Music alone. Imagine the amount of streams he would have garnered on other platforms since Made in Lagos dropped in October & It’s not even summer yet. That’s to let you know how huge MIL is.


Secondly, Wisekid copied Wizkid’s Made In Lagos album and named it “Lasgidi made”.


This has to go down as the biggest music heist in history.


Furthermore, Wizkid News advised Wizkid FC;

Report Wisekid for fraud on Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify and other streaming platforms! He is stealing N30 million from Wizkid by fraudulently copying his songs and albums!


However, Wizkid News also disclosed;

Wisekid went as far as copying Wizkid’s social media usernames. He used the handle, Wisekidaya on Instagram and Twitter.


He has deactivated his Twitter account and has just changed his Instagram handle to Ayaboyofficial.


And;Wisekid Fraudulently Copying Wizkid’s Songs and Albums.

Wisekid earns $73,170 (N30 million) monthly from copying Wizkid’s music.

This is serious!

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